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Interior Visualization

We’re making professional, photorealistic interior visualizations. In our projects we are taking care of small details and high design quality. You can see how you project will look in real world. You can use our visualizations to print advertising materials such as catalogs, leaflets, billboards etc.

Architectural Visualization

This kind of visualizations are used to promote bigger investments – houses, apartments, skyscraper, flats, commercial building, office building etc. Perfect design and professional visualizations will improve significantly sales performance. Feel free to use our renders to produce top quality advertising materials or social media promotion.

Product Visualization

Perfect product visualization is the key to high sales performance. For 3D Graphics there is no limit, we can show your product in many interesting ways. Professional pack shots, animations, assembling graphic and many, many more! 3D rendering gives us full control of every aspect of image.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling is our basic skill. Using 3D software we can make your product in virtual reality. Our studio is doing every kind of 3D models – products, architecture, furniture, hard surface models, interiors, buildings and many more. We’re taking care of details and make models in real word scale. We can export our models for another 3D software.

3D Floor Plans

This kind of visualization is very universal. We can make 3D floor plans for every architectural design. 3D floor plans are further more attractive than CAD drawings. This is the most popular visualizations for apartments, flats or any other residential buildings.

3D Animations

3D animation is very interesting way to present product. We’re doing camera animation, video manual, object animations etc. Unleash your creativity, send us a message we will try to help you.

About Bear Studio

Bear Studio – it is team of 3D graphics. We’re doing 3D modeling, product visualization, pack shots, interior visualization, exterior visualizations. Architectural visualizations and 3D Graphic are our specialties.

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