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A short story to start with.

My adventure with 3D graphics began while studying construction at the Rzeszów University of Technology. At that time, I got a CD with a signature “C4D” written using a black marker. I saw the first tutorial, which was about interior modeling for the kitchen, and these kitchens are with me to the present day.

Constantly improving my skills, I was looking for an opportunity to use 3D graphics software in practice. It started with creating visualization while studying at the university – constructing a hall, multi-family buildings, single-family houses. The truth is that these first projects were not very good, but everyone has to start with something. In the meantime, I obtained the title of Construction Engineer and I entered the labour market.

Then, due to the lack of offers for 3D graphic designers, there was an episode of working on 2D graphics when I compiled catalogs, I designed logos, visual identification systems and other flat design graphics.

However, at nights, out of curiosity, I learned how to use Cinema 4D and got to know the basics of 3ds Max, Vray. I watched and read a lot of tutorials, got familiar with the legendary training of Grand Warwick.

Then, I started to carry out the first paid projects, commercial visualizations of interiors, products, and even exterior or simple animations.

Bear Studio Visualizations and 3D Graphics

So, we have reached the present moment – Bear Studio. Our 3D graphic studio is located in Krosno, near Rzeszów and close to Bieszczady Mountains and real bears. In the meantime, the Studio was joined by another graphic designer and we aquired the extra processing and rendering power. Now we are ready to take up your challenge. We are working with the use of Cinema 4D along with the best render engines (Vray, Corona).

We encourage you to contact us, we will gladly advise you, we will price the project and help you create visually attractive images that will help your company succeed. If you think that 3D visualizations or graphics can help you in your business projects or can help increase sales – you have come to the right place, you are in the hands of specialists in visualization and 3D graphics.

Someone once told me that one picture can be worth more than a thousand words – by means of this beautiful slogan I would like to invite you to view our portfolio.

Szymon Szepelak, founder of Bear Studio

About the author

Szymon Szepelak – a graphic artist from Rzeszów, his professional interests are mainly 3D graphics, polygons and rendering engines. In addition, he deals with the design of stuff used for printing and polygraphy. In free time, he’s getting to know WordPress and the secrets of photography, relaxing to the sound of guitar playing.

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